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Why 4K2K ?

Highest Resolution

With approximately 4.000 pixels horizontal (4K) by 2.000 pixels vertical (2K), 4K2K technology equals 4 times Full HD and offers high values for contrast and enhanced color. 4K2K technology can be seen as a synonym for the new high resolution display technology sometimes referred to as Ultra HD (3.840 × 2.160) and / or 4K (4.096 × 2.160).

Medial Applications

A revolutionary display technology for medical applications, 4K2K displays allow users to view the finest image details. This feature is especially useful in applications such as surgical and endoscopy where the smallest detail is critical and may not be visible with a Full HD resolution.

Industrial Applications

4K2K displays are ideal when using industrial endoscope tools for the internal inspection of machinery. The images shown on a 4K2K display enhances views to the degree of identifying micro-cracks. This advancement in technology will help to minimize the need to disassemble machinery for inspection, saving both time and money.


In addition to precise, high-quality images, 4K2K displays allows multiple windows to be displayed on one screen. Depending on the screen size and inputs, up to eight windows from eight different sources can be displayed on one screen – at one time. For example, a multi-modality display enables medical staff to view a camera input of an endoscope, as well as vital stats, and other patient information on one screen.

The 4K2K picture-in-picture function is especially useful in diagnostic interpretation. This function allows medical staff to view / compare two images side-by-side on a single screen in 2K by 2K resolution without losing image quality. In addition, only one calibration and gamma setting are needed when utilizing a single screen for multiple images. This multi-modality feature is also useful for industrial applications such as Control Centers in Transportation, Energy, Surveillance and Military markets.

Canvys Product Overview 4K2K Displays

Benefits Canvys 4K2K Displays

  • Series available from 23.8” – 84”
  • 4× Full HD resolution
  • Allows to show special sections with high details
  • Multiple picture input by different sources
  • Free scalable windows
  • Modern and easy to clean True Flat design
  • Customizing possible: branding, boot logo, protection glass, …
  • Optional Projected Capacitive Touch (PCap); operable by 10 fingers or latex gloves
  • High brightness solutionsLong-term availability
  • Medical certified and industrial versions available

Typical Markets / Applications


  • Surgery (operating room): monitoring with different inputs (camera, vital parameters, …)
  • Surgery (Minimally Invasive Operations)
  • Diagnostics , Endoscopy, Microsurgery, Pathology


  • Industrial Endoscopy for service, maintenance, …
  • Control Centers / Rooms, in Transportation, Energy and Military Industry
  • Monitoring, Surveillance, …

Canvys Brochure 4K2K Displays

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