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84 inch True Flat 4K2K

  • 4K2K Display (Quad Full-HD / Ultra HD
    Resolution with 3840 × 2160 pixel)
  • Compliant with DICOM® standard
  • Backlight stabilization
  • With IR Touch and trolleyExtra large display
  • Customizing options:
    • Interfaces, branding, boot logo, high brightness

Optionen (auf Anfrage) und Downloads


Projected Capacitive Touch

Protective Shield / Glass


161108_CV_FL_4K2K_Brochure.pdf (1.7 MB) Brochure 4K2K Displays


4K2K_65_84in_4K2K_front1.jpg (1.3 MB) Front view

4K2K_M842T_and_65_rear.jpg (3.9 MB) Rear view

4K2K_M842T_and_65_interfaces.jpg (9.7 MB) View of IOs

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