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Primary School Döggingen 2019 - 3D models - habitation put together to a village / a city.

Art Project 2019 with Primary School in Döggingen (Gauchachschule)

In our project, "Children in distant countries" the pupils got to know the environments of children in other cultures by acting and discovering. The project groups dealt with music, fairy tales, food, school routes, school and writing around the world as well as living. The children were amazed to discover the prosperity and luxury they enjoyed at their homes.

In this context, the students developed and built models of living situations of different peoples. In extreme contrast to this and in order to create a bridge to Canvys, the idea was to depict the highly technological world of modern Western cities as an artistic vision in art lessons using electronic scrap. The sustainability of our way of life was also an important topic.

Through conversations and reflection in this creative work, the children became open and aware that our world consists of many different cultures. The unity of the world population is now to be symbolized in our "Multicultural Christmas Village" under the slogan "We are one world - in the past, in the present and in the future...".


Additional information on the implementation of the work:

In this project the children of the Class 3/4 modeled real habitations from different cultures and epochs. Each of these three-dimensional objects stands on a wooden board (approx. 40x40 cm), which serves as a foundation. This is where Canvys comes in as a modern technology company ("House of Technology"), for which the pupils and parents collected electronic scrap together and constructed two further buildings from it by clever joining, gluing, etc. - symbolizing RELL and Canvys, so to speak.

Finally, all the models were combined as a village or a city, and in order to create the connection to a winter Christmas, they were depicted and photographed in a "snowy environment".

Description of the School

The primary school "Gauchachschule" is located in rural surroundings in Doeggingen, the largest district of Braeunlingen near Donaueschingen.

It is a small primary school with 40 pupils, divided into three classes: Class 1, class 2 and class 3/4.

The everyday school life of this school with its family atmosphere is characterized by a school year with many seasonal activities and festivals.

Learn more about the school here (in German):

Project Photos

Canvys/RELL building - artistic model view 1
Canvys/RELL building - artistic model view 2
Canvys/RELL building - artistic model view 3
Canvys/RELL building - artistic model view 4
Canvys/RELL building - artistic model view 5
Canvys/RELL building - artistic model view 6
Igloo Snow House
Cone Fur Tent
Mud Hut
Rock Dwelling
Photo Shoot 1
Photo Shoot 2
Photo Shoot 3
Photo Shoot 4
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