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Projected Capacitive Touch (PCap Touch)

The projected capacitive touch (pcap touch) technology is quickly developing into one of the most important touch technologies for a growing number of applications. The touch technology has been used for 10+ years from consumer devices to commercial applications and from industries such as retail and gaming.

The demand from Canvys customers for displays with projected capacitive touch is continuing to increase. Time has shown that the simple, single-touch functionality is no longer optimal for advanced users and applications. Users now expect and displays with multi-touch / multi-user functions.

Canvys is committed to understanding visual technology needs and delivering a solution that exceeds customer expectations. Therfore, Canvys is pleased to announce the new True Flat Display Series with projected capacitive touch technology.

Please see link below for more information on the New True Flat Display Series.

For more details on projected capacitive touch technology, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We’ll be glad to provide technical information on this subject.

In addition, we’ve put together the specifications of projected capacitive technology on our website.
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