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21.3 inch NEC Desktop LCD

High performance in a 4:3 display. The 21" MultiSync P212 utilizes a 1600x1200 long life IPS LCD panel to deliver consistent color all hours of the day. Powered by the NEC-designed SpectraView engine, the P212 offers accurate color and fully customizable presets to meet any color needs. In addition, the P212 includes a wide array of connectivity to work with both new and existing configurations.
  • IPS LCD panel, nearly full coverage of the sRGB color spectrum
  • Superior screen performance
  • Internal programmable 14-bit 3D lookup table for calibration, 3 port USB hub
  • Wide connectivity includes Display Port, VGA, HDMI and DVI-D inputs
  • 1500:1 contrast ratio, 1600 × 1200
  • native resolution, 440 cd/m² brightness
  • Height-adjustable stand with locking base
  • Typical applications: Airports, flight control, boarder security, military, financial and security viewing, process control

Canvys Integration
Canvys is a global value-added touch screen and protective shield integrator of branded and non-branded LCD displays. With Canvys, customers will deploy a broad range of interactive solutions that meet the custom design requirements for a variety of venues where demand for these solutions continues to grow, including industrial and medical/healthcare. We realize that determining the right solution depends on a number of factors – from the surrounding environment to end-user preferences. We are committed to understanding your visual technology needs and delivering a solution that exceeds your expectations. This customer-focused approach is just one of the many reasons companies choose to work with us. Canvys also offers a range of services including maintenance, service and calibration. Learn more about the different touch technologies that can make you solution the right one. For a custom solution, built for your visual technology needs, contact us today!

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Resistive Touch

Protective Shield / Glass


160316_CV_PS_NEC_21in_P212_US.pdf (360 KB) Product Sheet


p212-bk_ho1850x1920_GRPHS.jpg (405 KB) Front view

p212-bk_lt2017x1920_GRPHS.jpg (402 KB) Side view

p212-bk_ltprofile1920x1072_GRPHS.jpg (123 KB) Side view 1

p212-bk_htadj1920x1728_GRPHS.jpg (381 KB) View of height adjustment

p212-bk_hoport1920x1312_GRPHS.jpg (297 KB) Portrait view

p212-bk_inputs393x1920_GRPHS.jpg (124 KB) View of IOs

p212-bk_controls1166x1920_GRPHS.jpg (299 KB) View of OSD controls

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